Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who's It Gonna Be?

Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton? Kyle Orton or Rex Grossman? Excuse me, may I interject with my opinion? Okay here it is. Neither. Rex Grossman has been an underachiever ever since his debut against Minnesota in '03 where he only completed 13 of his 30 passing attempts. Kyle Orton, the stud from Purdue has also underachieved...but at least he seems to win games and not throw them away like Grossman. I think Rex has more talent than Kyle, but I remember a 2005 rookie season that saw Orton go 10-5. So who do you take? Talent and losses or no talent and maybe some wins with a more unreliable QB. Unfortunately the Bears can't start Brian Urlacher or Devin Hester at QB. Also too bad that great Chicago D and special teams has to have such a hideous offense. Here was my idea on the quarterback controversy. It could be fixed in 3 different ways: #1: The Bears had 12 picks in this year's draft...quarterbacks drafted: zero. Opporunity #2: Two words - Donovan McNabb. Chance #3: Might be a little rash, but just start firing some offensive coaches...But who knows...maybe one of those two will have a miracle season...if I'd have to pick between the two: Orton. If he doesn't start winning: Grossman gets the call...after all, he DID go to the Super Bowl a couple years ago.

Other stuff:

Manny wants to get traded now...why doesn't that surprise me? He says "If the Red Sox are a better team without me in the lineup then I would welcome a trade." Get your head on straight Ramirez, that comment made no sense seeing as you took yourself out of the lineup in the first place.

Watching part of the Yanks/Boston game on ESPN. Jon Miller, you might be the worst commentator on the planet. Get Charles Barkley in there or something...Sir Charles is the man.

I think it's about time they re-named SportsCenter to FavreCenter.

Hats off to Goose Gossage. Welcome to the Hall.

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