Thursday, July 31, 2008

MLB Teams Finally Making Moves

In one of the slowest trade deadline years in recent memory, some deals are FINALLY starting to happen (Unless you consider the CC Sabathia and Rich Harden moves "trade deadline").Mark Teixeira to the Angels, Pudge to the Yanks, and now the huge rumor swirling around the MLB is that the Florida Marlins...that's right...the Florida Marlins are close to obtaining a certain Manny Ramirez in a 3-way deal that would send Jeremy Hermida to the Pirates and Jason Bay to the Red Sox. That would be one hell of an aquisition for a small market team like the Marlins, who are now looming right around the Phillies shoulders at a game and a half out of first in the NL East. It seems obvious that this would only be a rental for Florida...No way they can keep him with the contract he'll want.

But then again, don't all three of these sound like rentals?

In order for the Angels to keep Teixeira they would need to give him a contract that would seemingly exterminate any chances of keeping Vlad Guerrero or K-Rod. Is Mark really THAT much better that Casey Kotchman? At least Kotchman provided them a future...maybe LA should have gone out and gotten some pitching instead...after all, pitching and defense wins championships.

I like what the Yankees did...Posada on the shelf for the year so they pick up another veteran and former World Series champ to fill the hole behind the dish. But New York needs someone young to fill the catching position...both Posada and Pudge will be 37 by opening day 2009...

And the possibility of a two-headed Ramirez monster in that Marlin lineup might rattle the opposition a little. How is Florida even in the hunt? I looked at their roster during spring training and it looked like a a AAA team plus Dan Uggla and Hanley Ramirez. Hats off to those young guys. 1997, 2003....2008? The Fish might break the pattern and win it all this year instead...okay just kidding...even with Manny in that lineup they still don't have the pitching depth to go anywhere... Sorry Florida fans.

Well, I guess we'll have to keep checking in on the ESPN bottomline tomorrow to see what happens... Maybe a Griffey Jr. move? Will Ohman? And is Bengie Molina going to Florida?...Many possibilities...tomorrow should be fun to watch.

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