Monday, July 28, 2008

On The Hotseat

Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz has been in a heap of trouble lately. 14 player arrests since April? That's an absolute joke. And now not to mention his possible involvement in a sexual assault case cover-up for a couple of former players? Somebody's stock has fallen off the table... Remember when Ferentz was all over ESPN with the analysts debating over whether he would go to the NFL or take on another highly touted school?...Then he stayed at Iowa and since then has seen his average wins per season drop from 10.3 (2002-04) to 6.3 (2005-07). But hey, he's still raking in the cash and his contract sees him through 2012. Normally I would bash the U of Iowa for signing him to such a long-term deal, but honestly, who saw this coming? Ferentz's problems seem to be looming over quite similar to a once mighty Iowa State coach by the name of Larry Eustachy...and we all know what ended up happening to him. Ferentz is quoted, defending himself, "If a logical person looked at this for anybody to be involved in a cover-up here, basically you’d have to be morally bankrupt and secondly you’d have to be fairly ignorant." Who is he trying to bash here? The media? Sometimes it's better to just keep your mouth shut. Calling out the media is only going to cause him more trouble. Here's an idea Kirk: Get your players in line and keep them in check before you call ANYONE ignorant. Ignorance is not knowing any better, you on the other hand, do. So get your players off the streets and out of the big house, then maybe you can call some shots around the media.

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