Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ocho Cinco. Need I Say More?

Chad Johnson may be the most confusing character in all the NFL. I was watching a short clip on a post-training camp interview with Chad on ESPN yesterday and I must admit, he had me listening. First off, he didn't have his usual "grill" in...must mean business. But seriously, how many times the last two years has he claimed to want out of Cincy but still stuck around? You have to give the guy some credit. Randy Moss complained about being in Minnesota...so he left games early and didn't show to some practices...oh then he complained about being in Oakland too, but who blames him there? Chad said that he and Carson were going to have some fights and have some issues with eachother in training camp. But what is their feud even over? I guess Carson hates all the media attention Chad's getti...hghm..demanding. All Chad's attention is only bringing this team down. The Bengals already have a number one receiver in T.J. Who's your mama. Maybe Cincy needs to just trade Chad, seeing as that's what he seems to want every year, get either a great future draft pick or some help on defense. Won't that make everyone happy? Palmer won't have to deal with the media, Houshmandzadeh can be even a bigger threat (although I may second-guess that...double coverage), Marvin Lewis won't have to babysit, and Chad can go be happy with another team. Happy Days, happy days...

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