Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's Bugging Me

So am I the only person on earth who is getting sick and tired of hearing about Brett Favre, Tim Donaghy, and A-Rod?

First, Favre. Okay Brett, so you retired too early...was anyone doubting that? So now your Pack is saying they're moving on and sticking with the kid Aaron Rodgers. Asking for a release simply isn't happening. Let's be realistic here. Brett, you are ranked NUMBER ONE on the all-time touchdown passes list and had a hell of a season last year. You're not going to get thrown away. A trade needs to be made by the Packers organization...but they continue to stall for some unknown reason. Bottom line - Brett: be realistic. Packers: do something.

Next up, Tim. This guy is a loser. Flat out. Everyone needs to get it through their head that the entire group of NBA refs aren't corrupt. You come upon one idiot and he flips the entire sport upside down. Well at least it's getting some publicity for the NBA and commish Stern.

Ahh, and then there's A-Rod. Speaking of losers...okay I'm not calling him a loser but who cheats on a wife who looks like this? And for soon-to-be 52 year-old Madonna? Wow, this is almost as bad as the Hugh Grant/Divine Brown "oral survices" incident. Come on Alex, get your priorities straight. You finally get New York off your ass and now you find another way to get negative publicity.

Oh and just for fun...a little something to think about for the day...How good would the Tampa Bay Rays be if Josh Hamilton wouldn't have jumped on the heroine band wagon?

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