Saturday, July 26, 2008

Boring Friday, Let's Talk About The Yankees

I worked until damn-near 11:00 last night so I didn't get a chance to write yesterday. And even now I struggle to find a topic. Friday was a pretty uneventful day for sports. One thing did catch my eye though. Yankees/BoSox. I saw last night that SportsCenter was doing a poll on whether the NY/Boston series is any more exciting than any other series in the bigs...of course it is! The Yanks knocked off Josh Beckett in a 1-0 thriller and Joba nearly knocked off Kevin Youkilis' head. Both benches were warned, but would they have been if it was any other series? Exactly as Joba put it in a post-game interview: It was a 2-0 count and you have a 1-0 lead. Not exactly a plunking situation so stop crying BoSox...and don't get me wrong, I hate the Yanks so I'm not picking sides. It is interesting though that Joba picked Youk to throw at in NY last year and got tossed for it. But I must admit, Chamberlain is the man. He's allowed 3 runs or less in all 10 of his starts, but somehow is posting a 3-3 record...where's the run support, Giambi?

Speaking of Giambi, you gotta love the 'stache...mustache ride anyone? All right, I'll stop picking on Jason...he did have the winning "hit" on Friday...if you call an infield dribbler away from the shift a "hit."

Where in the world is Manny Ramirez? Sitting out a rival series game with a supposed bum knee when the doctors said it's fine? Somebody's sending somebody a statement....Just Manny being Manny.

Also in the news:

Trade deadline's coming up...and I have NO idea where ANYONE is going. I'm not even gonna make a guess. I'll leave that to ESPN's so-called "experts"...or former MLB players who know nothing...(cough) Eduardo Perez (cough)

Favre can talk to Tampa Bay and the Jets now...God I'm sick of Favre. Too bad, I used to like the guy.

Former Notre Dame stud receiver Jeff Samardzija finally got the call from the bullpen for the Cubbies. Didn't look bad except he gave up the lead...and that pitch that he threw "just a bit outside!" ...Nice try getting that one..And one more thing...maybe Jeff and Bronson Arroyo can go to the barber shop together...if they even know where to find it anymore.

Boston fans were holding up pictures of Madonna during A-Rod's at-bats on Friday night...I couldn't help but laugh...

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