Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Battle of the Manuels!

Okay, so I'm surfing my home page, of course mlb.com....and they have a rolling page of updates and I notice there's a clip of the Mets v Phillies game where Phillies manager Charlie Manuel (note Charlie, not Mets manager Jerry) gets ejected in the bottom of the 3rd inning for arguing a supposed check swing by Carlos Delgado on an 0-2 count. Unfortunately I can't lift the video clip but Delgado obviously went on the swing. In response, C. Manuel steps out of the dugout and seems to have a normal coversation with third base umpire Marty Foster... Or else it seemed to be... Foster ejected Manuel and Delgado eventually went on to hit a jack in that at-bat. Maybe I'm making a bigger deal out of this than I should be, but from the video Manuel looked like he was just having a normal conversation with Foster...hmmm...maybe they pulled a 'Sweet' Lou on the Aquafina commercial...I guess Manuel has a reputation to uphold as the manager of the new leaders of the NL East....All thanks to a 6 run barrage in the 9th off Joe Smith and Pedro Feliciano...5 of those runs scored before the Mets even recorded an out. I'm sorry...am I missing something? Smith and Feliciano....was Billy Wagner taking a nap? A 5-2 lead and Billy's on the shelf with a "tight" shoulder...it felt "tight" in warmups Sunday and he mowed down all 3 Reds he faced to earn his 24th save of the year. The MRI was negative. You're all right Billy. Well is this not slightly reminiscent of last year's Mets team?...Blowing leads, games, series', and playoff chances...I guess only time will tell. (above photo courtesy mlb.com)

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