Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Twilight Zone in KC

I woke up this morning to see one of the most bizarre plays that has ever happened in not only Major League Baseball, but in all of sports history. Let me paint the scene for you. Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City. Royals vs. Red Sox. Top of the seventh inning, 2 on, 1 out, and Jason Bay at the plate for Boston. Bay takes a fastball to deep left-center where Royals center fielder Mitch Maier tries to make an outstanding running/jumping catch to rob Bay of a home run. The ball goes in and out of Maier's glove and he falls to the ground. Meanwhile, the ball continues to run along the top of the foot-wide wall in a straight line for about 3 seconds. Ross Gload, the left fielder comes running in, climbs the wall, and knocks the ball down with his left hand into his glove, holding Bay to a double. KC went on to lose the game, 8-2. But somebody needs to buy a lottery ticket! The chances of that happening have got to be less than winning the lottery. Too bad Gload didn't throw anyone that would have REALLY impressed me. You can see the video by clicking here.

In other news:

It looks like Brett Favre will not be playing this a Packer anyway. Head coach Mike McCarthy made a statement yesterday that made it pretty clear that the Packers are going with Rodgers and Favre's future is not in Green Bay. Tampa Buccs fans just let out a huge sigh of relief.

Brad Penny is set to return to the Dodger rotation on Friday. This may finally be the spur to get them over the hump and into first in the NL West....and what the hell happened to Andruw Jones?...Braves fans around the world are saying "I told you so."

Rays OF B.J. Upton will sit today for "lack of hustle" when he didn't run out a grounder in last night's game. I really like what Joe Maddon is doing with these young Rays players...He's turned a cellar team into a first place pennant contender. Joe Maddon: AL manager of the year without a doubt in my opinion.

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