Saturday, August 09, 2008

Murder, Then Suicide Shakes Beijing

At what point do we stop having an Olympics? When we have a death for each gold medal? The games are supposed to be what holds all the world's nations together. But can we really achieve that in today's world? Nations around the world all seem to have different opinions on various political issues...that's a problem. See some people don't exactly have their heads screwed on straight, so they take political issues out on athletes and other innocent bystanders. For instance, the killing of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists at the '72 Munich Olympics...and now today. Despite having over 100,000 police officers and militants, the Chinese were unable to stop the murdering of American Todd Bachman. Todd's wife, Barbara, and a tour guide were also seriously injured. The suspect was identified as Tang Yongming, a south-east province native, who after commiting the murder, leaped off the 130 foot Drum Tower viewing platform, falling to his death. Bachman was the father of Elisabeth Bachman, who played on the U.S. Olympic volleyball team in '04, and is married to current U.S. men's volleyball coach Hugh McCutcheon. Hearing this story already angered me to know that this guy got past the hmhmm...ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND guards, but then to hear what a woman said about the whole fiasco put me over the edge. When asked about the killing, she said, "Why are you paying so much attention to this. Murders happen all the time. You should pay attention to the two gold medals that China won today." Now I don't know where this woman was from, but I'm assuming she was a Chinese citizen. Are you kidding me? Yes ma'am, you're completely right...a murder ISN'T as important as a damn gold medal. Something tells me (and again I'm not 100% sure she was from China) that if her husband got murdered, she would want to hear about that over who won gold. Anyway, hopefully the protests will settle down and people will stop being crazy and killing eachother over...well I don't know what it's over. They even said the killer's motives were unknown and there was no clothing on the Bachman's indicating they were from the U.S. What has this world come to?


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