Saturday, August 02, 2008

Panther Punch Out

Carolina Panthers' Pro-Bowl wide receiver Steve Smith was suspended for 2 games and fined $205,000 after a training camp fight with cornerback Ken Lucas. Lucas left practice early with a broken nose and a bruised up eye. Smith was kicked out of practice and sent back to Charlotte. No one really knows how the fight started but apparently the two are known for jawing at eachother since Lucas joined the team in 2005. This whole incident doesn't really surprise me. Steve's had disciplinary issues in the past. After what he did to Lucas, maybe Smith could take those two weeks he's missing and go take on Floyd Mayweather Jr. But then I learned that it was a sucker-punch while Lucas was taking a knee. Come on, if you're gonna break a guy's nose at least do it while he's looking....Some people say the suspension laid down by Pathers head coach Jim Fox is harsh...that it should be two pre-season games. Please tell me you're joking. Veterans like Smith beg not to play in those games. It'd be more of a reward than a punishment in his case...Risky move for a coach who's already on the hot seat....This may hurt some fantasy teams as well. Steve's stock just dropped a little as Smith owners will now probably have to draft an extra receiver when they could have been drafting a RB. Can someone tell me why the league's best WR have conduct or disciplinary issues? To name a few that join Steve: Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and Chad Johnson and....Matt Jones..? Oh wait, he's not one of the league's best, but he did get caught snorting some Coke in his car with some buddies. Damn, and the pool of white wide receivers gets a little thinner...Matt, cocaine won't make you any faster.

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