Saturday, August 02, 2008

Michelle... "Wie" Don't Like You

Could anyone have been more wrong about Michelle Wie? Who does she think she is? She's never won a single LPGA event, and she just attempted to make the cut at another PGA event. The result shouldn't surprise anyone. Failure. Wie is now 0 for 8 making the cut in a PGA tour event. She has withdrawn from numerous tournaments, citing heat exhaustion, and a so-called "tweaked wrist" when she was 14 over through 16 holes in the first round of the Ginn Tribute in May 2007. She's been called for grounding her club in the bunker and claimed she didn't know the ruling. The list continues as she's been disqualified twice for scorecards, once in 2005 for signing an incorrect one and just this June she didn't even sign the scorecard. I'll give her a little credit, every once in a while she gets a top 20 or top 10 finish in an LPGA event....But don't try to play with the guys if you can't even beat the girls yet. Not to mention, when she plays badly, it's downright embarassing. Looking through some of her events she's missed cuts by huge margines and back from the leaders by double-digit strokes. It's hard for me to like someone who makes so many mistakes and has had everything given to her to see her fail miserably and not even realize she's embarassing herself. Talk about being caught up in sponsorships...If it wasn't for stupid sponsor exemptions she would never see another PGA Tour event in her life. But she's gotta fill up those pockets with more cash... Have some integrity Michelle. Any person in their right mind has to be saying she's a flop. Coming out at age 14, already at 6 foot, she's got Fred Couples, Ernie Els and Arnold Palmer eating out of her hand...and still...4 years later has never even won an LPGA event. Most people have forgotten about her, but not ESPN. You'll always see her score at the bottom even when she's not on the leaderboard...almost like they do with Tiger...the "Notables" section. Michelle Wie doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with Tiger Woods. You're 18 now Michelle. Grow up and make some solid decisions.

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tWINs said...

I'm gonna actually give Michelle Wie some credit here. Although she isn't making any cuts, she goes out and plays golf against the best in the world. Besides, many failures can lead to great success. Anyone remember Abraham Lincoln's track record before he became president? Let's just say it wasn't oval office material!