Monday, August 11, 2008

Major Statement

Padraig Harrington held off Sergio Garcia once again, this time to win his second straight Major, the PGA Championship. It seemed to be a rematch of last year's British Open at Carnoustie. It's hard to forget Padraig hitting that famous drive that bounced along the bridge and dropped off into the Barry Burn just a yard away from safety...then followed it up by chunking it right back into it. His double bogey lead to a playoff where he held off Garcia for the win. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Sergio. He's been a very solid golfer throughout his entire career but just can't get that seemingly elusive first Major. If you want me to be blunt about it, I'll be blunt. Sergio, learn how to putt. Grab your flat stick and putt all day, every day until you've mastered the stroke. Perfect example yesterday: At the 15th, 401 yard par 4, Sergio lays up on the tee shot, then knocks a 6-iron off the flag stick. The ball ends up about 10 feet away...and misses the putt. Hole 16 he dunks it into the pond. Hole 17 proved to be Segio's final shot at winning the tournament. After harrington dazzled the crowd with a bombed 5 iron close to the hole, Sergio comes right back and sticks a 5-iron as well, the closest shot to the hole on the day. Padraig drains his putt, Sergio lips out. By then, a stroke back on 18, Sergio watched Harrington win the championship, draining his third straight putt from outside 10 feet. Plain and simple, on the PGA Tour, in order to win a Major Championship, you HAVE to make putts when they count. Sergio, despite having the 5th best scoring average on the tour, is 173rd in putting, averaging 1.82 putts per hole. I guess everyone has their weakness... Although Sergio struggles at times, he's only 28. I'm pretty confident that one of these times, Sergio won't have Padraig draining putts all over the place, and he will win a Major Championship.

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