Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Torrid Toronto

The Blue Jays are off to a 27-15 start and find themselves atop the AL East. With the exception of the last place Baltimore Orioles, it's as if the division is flipped upside down. The heavily favored (and heavily pocketed) Red Sox and Yankees find themselves 2.5 and 3.5 games back respectively and last year's AL champs, the Rays are 6.5 behind. With Vernon Wells (.253/5/21) and Alex Rios (.264/5/21) slumping to start the season, names like Aaron Hill (.343/11/34), Adam Lind (.314/7/35), and Rod Barajas (.313/3/22) have stepped up to lead the Major's highest rated offense. Not only has their hitting caught the eye of everyone who follows baseball closely, their pitching staff is also ranked third best in the majors behind veteran Roy Halladay (8-1, 2.78 ERA).

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